PUEBLO, COLORADO — The heartbreaking story shared by rodeo coach Paige Yore about a young cashier at Walmart in Pueblo, Colorado, who had to work after his mother committed suicide on Black Friday has turned out to be fake.

Walmart told Denver7 that they investigated the incident extensively after receiving lots of calls about the poor cashier, and they’ve discovered that the sad story told by Yore is simply untrue.

“There was never a conversation about his mother. He never went around the bagging area and hugged her. He is in good health and his mother is in good health,” Denver7 quoted Walmart spokesman Aaron Mullins as saying.

However, in an interview with KRDO Newschannel 13, she reiterated that her experience was real and she had nothing but good intentions in mind when she put out that video.

“I just want everyone to know that I am here to inspire people. I'm not here to cause any problems. I'm just a normal girl from Idaho, just another cow girl, and just happened to go viral,” Yore told KRDO Newschannel 13.

Internet commenters’ attitudes toward Yore have shifted 180 degrees, with many now calling her a liar and accusing her of using the original posting for the sole purpose of getting attention. 

Yet, Yore does not seem to be showing any remorse. In the latest video posted on her YouTube channel — or what she calls as her “motivational channel” — she said she is going to take one more step toward her lofty goal of “changing lives.” We’re not sure what that means, but okay. So thank you coach Yore for sullying the Christmas spirit even more!




上周美國25歲女子約爾(Paige Yore)拍影片說她到沃爾瑪賣場購物時,遇到一名收銀員遭顧客辱罵,原來他的母親早上自殺身亡,要大家將心比心,想想別人可能有說不出口的苦衷。影片瘋傳各大社群網站,也被新聞媒體轉載,單在臉書就有超過2千萬次點閱,至今還是YouTube頭版首支影片。



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